Starting to warm up effectively to obtain more from every workout

I’ve just read an interesting article about warm up and its effectiveness at I don’t know about you, but I like to start my day with a simple stretch/warm up for 07 minutes, go out to walk with my dog for 30 minutes and, later, some arm exercises (around 15 minutes) – it isn’t perfect, but sometimes I practice some abs too. Well, let’s see now some piece of article that I cited:

With regards to starting to warm up just before exercise there’s a couple of different choices to select from. On a single extreme you’ve individuals who don’t warm-up whatsoever – if the workouts are lifting or cardio, they simply go directly into it whatever the movements or intensity. Alternatively finish from the spectrum you’ve individuals who literally spend 40 minutes on starting to warm up and resulting in the actual workout to become less efficient consequently. Finally, you’ve many people that do their form of a hot up that is a quick stretch of some type whatever the workout.

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