Rock n Roll North Park Half Marathon 13 Highlights in the race!

The website published an article about the Rock’n’Roll North Park Half Marathon (if you like running and live closer, I’m sure this text is perfect for you). Let’s read it:

I ran the Rock n Roll North Park a few days ago and also have a lot of pics and fun to talk about! But I will bare this fast and merely give ya the very best 13.1 highlights…

rock n roll san diego race half marathon

1. The night time before I remained with Kristin @StuftMama and she or he introduced it using the pre-run carb-loading! We made pizzas with a lot of toppings. There is also salad however i was too distracted and didn’t obtain a pic from it.

Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon results recap running blog

2. Used to do a set runner with everything else I would require the race.

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