What to do to lose weight?

Many people want to lose weight while getting a beautiful, elegant and healthy body, so we are always looking for methods to provide this result. However, some of them can cause serious damage to health by bringing unnecessary complications, leading the person to acquire possible diseases. Therefore, seek medical advice before starting any treatment, because then you will have all the relevant information about the needs of your body and the most appropriate treatment.


There are many diets that contribute to a person ‘s ideal weight gain, tapering silhouette, further enhancing the beauty of the body. The important thing is the person to continue ingesting vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients essential for a good functioning of the body. Therefore, make an appropriate regimen, following the guidance of a professional and consume the food properly, winning a good and healthy diet:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day for the body to absorb vitamins and minerals;
  • Good fats can be eaten, but it’s important to keep certain precautions, as they are very fattening and can increase the weight;
  • Consume carbohydrates, but in small portions;
  • Eat lean and preferably grilled, boiled or roasted meat. Consume fish, because they have omega 3;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water and natural way to keep the body hydrated juice, preventing several diseases;
  • Avoid consumption of fried foods, fats, sugar, excess salt and soda because they can damage your health and increase body fat and cellulite;
  • At dinner, eat light and healthy things.

Physical exercises

The activities are very important for weight loss and leaves the body more beautiful, so practice exercise daily and to benefit from the mix of activities and diet.

Do aerobic exercises with weight training and supplements to shape the body and strengthen the muscles.


By Danielle Pereira

Automated translation

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