Fad Diets Equal Empty Promises

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One comment

  1. Michael gardiner says:

    I totally disagree with your idea of a healthy diet , example you say it’s healthy to eat fruits whole grains , well for the past 5 years I have given up all grain foods , very little fruit, why because grains especially wheat contains lectins a pesticide that protects the grain from insects , since the 70s through genetic engineering it has been made stronger , in other words it’s a poison. I am living proof of someone loosing 17 ks in a short time and kept it off , lectins put weight on us and are deadly . Fruit is full of nasty sugars, the same as in Palm oil.
    Since I gave up grains I quickly had the energy ( which I never had before ) to ride a bicycle 35 ks at age 70 .
    Please don’t encourage people to eat grain or too much fruit , it is people like you that cause overweight problems , other diseases. There is nothing ring eating red meat , besides its full of amino acids.
    So please stop this con,

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