This Man Thinks His Wife Is Secretly Drugging Him With Thyroid Medication to create Him Slim Down

The website published a news about a man believes his wife is medicating him secretly. Let’s read it now:

One man on Reddit thinks that his wife is looking to get him to shed weight by secretly feeding him medication. A person designed a publish subreddit r/relationship_suggestions about Thursday explaining a number of occasions which have brought him to think his wife may be mixing pills for hypothyroidism into his food without his accept to make him slim down. 

“I am fat. Probably always will be. My partner continues to be mentioning it increasingly more within the last couple of years,” the initial poster (or OP in Reddit lingo) described. Despite using the keto diet, intermittent fasting, and workout, he states he “hasn’t made much progress” altering his current weight of 245 lbs at 6’ tall. 

He says following a recent fight, his wife was adamant he “do something drastic” about his weight and claimed he may come with an problem with his thyroid. For reference, hypothyroidism, an illness in which the thyroid doesn’t produce an adequate amount of a thyroid problem hormone, may cause putting on weight. The OP described that whenever seeing the way the disease affects others, he believes that his weight isn’t a consequence of hypothyroidism. 

The pair agreed the OP would begin a vegan diet so that they can slim down. The wife described the vegan diet has “side effects” that may include headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, joint and muscle discomfort, and potentially temperature. 

The OP stated that inside the first five hrs of beginning his new vegan diet, he experienced many of the signs and symptoms listed. As the vegan diet comes with its very own potential negative effects, the main negative effects would come with weight fluctuations, alterations in complexion and levels—and most do not begin within the very first day of altering an eating plan. 

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