Journaling Your Way to Weight Loss

If you knew some years ago, probably you wouldn’t recognize me – I was really in a different shape. Oh, geez! How did I gain so much weight?

In last years, I’ve gained some kilograms consistently, and I’m not so happy for that.

And I know you’ll say I should do some exercises and my problem would disappear. But, what can you say when anyone has tried to do exercises and it doesn’t seem to be working?

Other very recommended advice would be “try to control yourself” and it even works with some people, but I guess it doesn’t bring me results. It’s because when I try not to think on food, I get anxious and have more will for food – and, when I realize, I’m in kitchen, with a sandwich, pizza, spaghetti etc.

Some days ago I receive an email talking about some product saying it isn’t a drug, but some kind of supplement – well, I thought, it looks like too good to be true, and trashed that message. It should be some joke or BS.

But – and it’s only a little “but” – maybe it can help me to lose some weight, of course, not alone, but with exercises and good eating. So, I realized it would be a good idea trying it.

Now, I made some purchase and I’m waiting for my supplements – when it arrives, I’ll try and know if it’s really good.

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