Grazing Can Lower Your Weight

I know, I know… You have tried one thousand of diets and all of them have failed miserably and you don’t believe you can lose weight, but there is some hope yet: grazing. It’s a new term in weight loss field, but its idea isn’t so new. And you didn’t listen better part yet: you don’t need to ignore your favorite foods and eat only low-caloric ones. And it isn’t magic – let’s explain how grazing works.

If someone is grazing it doesn’t mean she’s doing something weird – she’s only eating several smaller meals a long the day, instead of eating only two or three big meals. If you pay attention to your routine (or someone else), many times we ignore breakfast or lunch (I know: busy day, no time to intervals at work etc.) and compensate in the dinner. If you observe better, it couldn’t be healthly anyway! When you are grazing, you divide your meals in five moments in a day, what reduces that hunger feeling and discipline your metabolism.

And you can choose better what eat in each meal – in a breakfast, for instance, what do you say me about a yogurt? Some time ago (two or three hours), you might eat some fruit. Salad can be a good idea. For afternoon, some light snack, for sure. Choose another diet dish for dinner and, before sleeping, make a small snack. And you can combine this good eating habit with others to get more results – physical exercises, reduce sugar, salt and fat etc. So, why don’t you give a try for it and experiment grazing for some weeks or months? Results can talk more!

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