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Why can not I lose weight?

Some months ago, I weighed 73 kg, and by controlling feeding and practicing physical exercise, managed to lose 5 kg, thus reaching 68 kg. However, before starting this blog, I had gained 3 kg, returning to 71 kg. Since then, I couldn’t lose weight. But why can not I lose weight, if I even created this blog for this?

Simple, I’m not trying hard enough. Due to my routine studying and working, my time to take care of myself is very too short, so I stopped to pedal in my exercise bike. When I pedaled 40-60 minutes a day, I managed to lose 5 kg in a short time, but now, that weight is coming back slowly.

My diet also became healthy after mid-August because there were several birthday parties (on a weekend, I went to two parties!). How can I lose weight when all I’m doing just makes me gain more weight?

Anyway, we often create the illusion that “we are doing everything possible to lose weight”, but is it true? Is there anything else we can do to meet our goal?

Yeah, or I correct myself and start to really lose weight or I’ll always be complaining about the same problem.

Why do I want to lose weight?

Hello ! I’m starting this blog as a way to record my progress while losing weight and, if possible, to help other people who also wish to do the same.

Losing weight is not only for aesthetic reason for many people (including me), often it is a need to improve your fitness and even to solve certain pains that can be felt in the joints. But before I answer why I want to lose weight, I should tell you who I am in a very simple way …



Who am I?

  • Name: Christiano;
  • Degree: studying Master in Computer Science, specialist in Business Management, graduate in Computer Science (BS);
  • Profession: Currently, I receive a scholarship from Master program;
  • Have a family? I am married and have a child of 5 years old;
  • Current weight: 71 kg;
  • Ideal weight: 60 kg.

My current BMI is 26.1, that is, I’m overweight. So as you can see, I’m 11 kg above my ideal weight!

And why do I want to lose weight?

First, for health reasons: I already realized that when I’m a bit fatter I feel more pain in the joints after any physical effort than when I was 56 kg (yes, when I served in the Army I was in great shape!) .

Also, a couple of years ago, when I attended routine medical examinations, I found that I had high cholesterol. Probably due to the fact that a couple of times a week I ate burger, tapioca, hot dogs, pastry, etc.

And beyond all this, of course, there is the aesthetic issue: no one likes to look in the mirror and realize that instead of a six pack your belly looks more like a ball!

And how do I lose weight?

This is not the first time I try to lose weight. And maybe not the last . Finally , in order to improve my health and fitness , I’ve done various things ( like any other normal person 🙂 ):

  • I already got one of those boxes of slimming teas to be taken for 30 days – and stopped after about ten days, I think;
  • I already bought an exercise bike, which I still have – it’s very old, but still works very well!
  • Buy and take diet shakes – and, sometimes, I “forgot to take” 🙂 ;
  • And recently I bought a massage device that, according to some people, help to define the body – for now , the focus is on the belly right!

So I’m starting this blog in order to motivate myself to lose weight. Well, I hope I get it!