A simple tip to improve your nutrition 100%

You must know a simple tip, but little practiced in order to achieve a 100% better health soon? Simple: learn to cook and make your own food! Well, now it’s likely that you are there, annoyed by this response, because he expected an easy solution (maybe ingesting any supplement or medicine?), But there is a quick and effortless way to do this, because the only person who can ensure that their food is really the best is yourself.

Therefore, to ensure that you consume are the minimum requirements for quality for your health, the best way is not to delegate this responsibility to the hands of restaurants, fast foods or frozen foods for example. When you cook, you can choose or replace the ingredients of the meals according to their needs. If your doctor told you, for example, that you need to reduce the amount of salt when cooking you determine what the best amount of salt to your dish.

If you work out and has no time to cook (even on weekends?), Then you can at least focus on eating at restaurants that prepare foods with little salt, sugar or oil. Choose, for example, grilled meat and poultry. Always include at least one kind of salad on your plate. Small changes in your menu can reduce the chances of having an excessive consumption of sugars and fats.

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